2009 Wilderness Institute

The Kappa Delta Rho Wilderness Institute is a program designed to provide hands on leadership programming, substance free brotherhood building activities, personal growth opportunities, and core values exploration.

The 2009 KDR Wilderness Institute was conducted in the Wet Mountains, southwest of Pueblo, Colorado, outside of the town of Rye. Here the Great Plains give way to the Rocky Mountains and with views of the plains from the mountains, Wilderness Institute participants left the easy living of civilization for the challenges and self-discovery that comes with living unsupported in the backcountry.

With difficulties provided by the elements as a backdrop, the journey was as much about personal growth and leadership as it was about hiking at high altitude and staying warm and dry where nature is dominant. The group explored team leadership and dynamics as they worked together to face down each challenge presented. Concepts regarding rites of passage and living up to KDR's core values were the overriding theme of the adventure. A solo experience was accepted by each member of the group, where they could integrate these concepts with their personal journey, and bring valuable insight back to their chapters upon their return from the wild.

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Listen to narrated trip diaries in MP3 format:

  1. Day 1 - Epic Out of the Chute
  2. Day 2 - Thundersnow
  3. Day 2 - Snow Overnight
  4. Day 3 - Wet All Day
  5. Day 4 - Sun and Solos
  6. Day 5 - Descent