Frequently Asked Questions About Rosters



Why are we doing this?

It is very important for the National Office to have up-to-date information about our undergraduate members and chapters. An annual roster review process is an effective way to make sure our records are up to date and chapter statements (bills) are accurate when they are issued in August 2015.  This is also how we determine who is an active member of your chapter for billing purposes.


Can I request Inactive status after May 1, 2015 for the 2015-2016 academic year?

No. The deadline for requesting Inactive status for 2015-2016 is May 1, 2015.


I am graduating in May 2015 – will I be “Active” or “Inactive”?

Neither – you will be an Alumnus. It should be noted that you are graduating in May 2015 (or June, July, August, etc.) in the graduation column. You do not need to go to Advisory Board to attain alumni status.


I want to go Inactive but have only been a member for one year – what are my options?

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for Inactive status – you may choose to disaffiliate permanently or remain active in the chapter. We recommend working with your chapter’s Advisory Board to see if they can adjust the attendance policy to effectively meet your needs.


I am transferring schools – how do I go Inactive?

Inactive status only applies to members who are still enrolled as students at their current undergraduate institution. If you transfer, or otherwise leave the institution, you will become an Alumnus. It should be noted in the “Changes” box that you are transferring or leaving school.


I was abroad/Inactive/away from school in 2014-2015 but will be back for the 2015-2016 academic year – what do I need to do?

Your chapter will need to add you back to the bottom of their roster and note that you are returning.


I wish to permanently disaffiliate from my chapter – how do I do this?

You must contact your Advisory Board to attend a meeting and explain your reasons. They will vote to disaffiliate you and this must be noted on the roster.


I want to go Inactive – how do I do this?

You must contact your Advisory Board to attend a meeting and explain your reasons. They will need to vote to approve your inactive request and then the chapter must vote to uphold the Advisory Board’s decision. Both the Advisory Board minutes and Chapter Meeting minutes must be submitted to the Director of Fraternal Operations along with your roster.


My name is listed twice on my chapter’s roster – what does this mean and how do I fix it?

Occasionally this happens – it is possible you registered online twice or that you registered under two names (For example, Michael Smith and Mike Smith). Note which one is a duplicate in the “Changes” column on the roster and we will merge the two records in our database.


Other questions not answered here? Please ask Lauren ( before the May 1 deadline!!