The Credo

Since the Beginning, wherever men have come
together, there have I been.

My membership is legion.  From the humble
home and from the stately mansion; from the
rolling farms and from the noisy factories;
from the East and West and North and South
have my followers come.

They who understand my meaning have followed
in the footsteps of the Man of Galilee.  In
peace, they have been their brother’s keeper,
and in the agony of war, their blood has
enriched the Fields of Flanders and reddened
the sands of the Pacific.

Their reward has been the Inspiration of
their Youth; the Driving Power of their
Manhood; the Memories of their Maturity.  They
have fought the good Fight and of these, my
sons, I am justly proud.

Who am I?  My name is FRATERNITY.  And because
I have given Man that which he craves, I shall
endure.  My sons shall neither falter nor fail.
They shall add new lustre to my name.


NOTE:     Our Credo first received national recognition in the fraternity world when The Fraternity Month published it in the October 1946 issue.  The author is George E. Shaw, Alpha ‘10, (1885 – 1976), Director of Kappa Delta Rho and National Historian.    The thoughts Brother Shaw expressed in the Credo have inspired new meaning to fraternity men worldwide.