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Fall 2015 Quill & Scroll Released



Fall 2015 Quill & Scroll Cover Story

The Legacy of Robert D. Lynd, Iota '67

By Eugene L. Spencer, Iota '76

On July 13, 2015, the National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho lost one of its most ardent supporters and dedicated leaders, as Robert D. Lynd lost a decade-long struggle with cancer and passed to Chapter Eternal. Brother Lynd’s devotion to and work for his beloved Fraternity spanned more than 50 years. Few Brothers, beyond our founders have had the level of impact that Bob has had on KDR during their lifetimes. He took advantage of all that the Fraternity had to offer, and he contributed so much more to our cause.

Bob was faithful! He pledged the Iota Chapter at Bucknell University in March 1964 and served in several leadership roles including Worthy Consul. He began his service to the National Board as an undergraduate in 1966, and was elected as Vice President in January 1972. At that time, the Quill & Scroll wrote “Bob has been a hard and faithful worker for his Chapter, as well as the National. We feel that his election to the Vice-Presidency is just the beginning of many years of service he will give to Kappa Delta Rho.” Well said! His gifts of service extended to his Iota Chapter, the Iota Alumni Association, the National Fraternity, the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation, and the North American Interfraternity Council for more than fifty years

Bob was a man of vision! In 1974, he was elected Grand Worthy Consul (President of the National Fraternity), a position that he held for the next 14 years. Under his leadership, the Fraternity prospered in many ways, nearly tripling in size, moving into the south and southwest, and reviving several chapters that had become dormant over the years. Unsatisfied with the status quo, Bob and his fellow Board members worked tirelessly to ensure that the organization was vibrant and growing, allowing it to do far more for its members than it could during more modest years. He helped to create an environment that attracted more undergraduate Brothers, while also encouraging Alumni to be active in supporting its development. Bob was instrumental in the eventual development of the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation, which to this day financially supports the educational, leadership, and character development programs undertaken by the National Fraternity.

Bob was a team player and a team builder! Organization such as KDR that are highly dependent on volunteer support are a challenge on the best of days. To move the organization forward requires that a leader bring together a collection of people who are passionate about the vision and who will join in moving it forward. Bob understood how to engage those who had come before him as partners, to honor the work they had done, and to continue building stronger coalitions of support. As Bob stepped down from the Presidency, he didn’t reflect upon his own accomplishments. Rather, his message praised the group of Brothers who joined him on that journey: key contributors such as Floyd Baughman. Eta ’28; Lawrie Barr, Xi ’63; John Padget, Beta ’58; Charlie Beck, Rho’44; E. Mayer Maloney, Nu ’72; Ken Gesner, Xi ’53; Bob Corrie, Beta ’53; Jim Edgeworth, Psi ‘ 56; John Carl, Theta ’51; Scott Bailey, Zeta ’69; Bob Jones, Alpha ’59; Don Stohl, Zeta ’54; Ed Hoffman, Iota ’68; Rick DeBernardo, Alpha Alpha ’72; Dick Nolan, Theta ‘59 and Mike Howard, Mu Alpha ‘85. It was not his own individual accomplishments that mattered to Bob, but the ways in which he played some small part in the work and effort of so many other KDRs.

Bob drew strength from KDR! Within the National Fraternity, we believe that “KDR is for life” and hope that all of our Brothers truly appreciate how its strong values and bonds of fellowship can continue to affect us throughout our lifetimes. Although the vast majority of Brothers find their passion for KDR during their undergraduate years, Bob understood that his reward continued well beyond the inspiration of his youth, and well into the memories of his maturity. When thanked for his service to the Fraternity, Bob would often say “I have gotten back far more than I have given.”

Bob strengthened the whole system! He knew that a strong KDR required a strong fraternal system overall. As a result, he served on the board of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) for 8 years, also serving as its President. In his work on the NIC, Bob positioned KDR as a leader on the national stage despite our relative small size as compared to the larger organizations with hundreds of chapters. This organization provides important support to all Fraternities without which Kappa Delta Rho’s work within higher education would be severely restricted, and he received their Gold Medal of honor for his work with them.

Bob lived a life of integrity! Having actively served Kappa Delta Rho so faithfully, he could have stepped aside and let the next generation of alumni continue the work of the Fraternity. On the other hand, Bob’s own personal integrity kept him deeply involved. During his last decade, he served on the Iota alumni corporation board of directors and chaired its recolonization committee that brought KDR back to the Bucknell campus. He also served the National Fraternity faithfully as a Director Emeritus, not simply holding this title of honor, but also attending KDR conventions, Board retreats, and monthly Board conference calls, as well as mentoring national staff. He kept active, and continued to drive us forward from whatever role he held.

Bob believed in high ideals! Bob understood the promise and value of Fraternity in his personal life, and his dedication was unwavering. He believed that the job of KDR is to help turn boys into men, while helping them learn about service, integrity, honor, and giving back to the world. Ultimately, he knew that a full KDR experience could help them become good fathers and husbands, have successful careers, and lead extraordinary lives; he was committed to those ideals. You could see that in the way he lived his life. His service to the country during his time in the US Marines. His service to his community with his involvement in the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department and Arcola United Methodist Church. He constantly exhibited a strong heart, a creative mind, and a positive spirit, as he worked on those issues that were most important to him.

Bob was a devoted family man! Bob and Janet Lynd have been married for more than 46 years and have raised three wonderful sons, David, Jim, and Eric, and three grandchildren. His dedication to them was obvious, and his life as a family man, his local volunteer efforts, and all of his work on behalf of KDR seemed to be fully intertwined with his strong family commitment. His sons all spoke highly of their Dad’s passion for his Fraternity and appreciated the balance and passion it brought to his life.

Bob was an extraordinary Brother. mentor and a true friend! Beyond his long list of achievements, it was his character, style, integrity, and grace that made the greatest impression on those of us who knew him. As a KDR, Bob greeted every new Brother as if they were life-long friends. He greeted every Alumni member as if he couldn’t wait to see them again. He was a coach and mentor to many. He was a friend to most. He was a Brother to all. He deeply touched the lives of so many of us over decades of service and Brotherhood.

Kappa Delta Rho is a greater organization because of Bob’s tireless work and commitment, and we will miss him dearly. Honor Super Omnia dear Brother!

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