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Honor Before All Things


On Monday June 1, 2009, Brother Sean Fleming, Epsilon Beta ‘06 finished his shift with the Chesapeake Police Department and was heading home for the day. On the way home he pulled over to allow fellow police officers to go by that were in pursuit of a white van. He turned his police radio on and heard “ shots fired.” He immediately entered the pursuit of the white van to assist his fellow police officers. The events that were about to unfold would test his courage, strength, and define what it means to live a life that reflects Honor Super Omnia. Earlier that day, Tione Vincent was abducted by three men in that white van. The pursuit of the van would end up in a crash on the ramp to I-64 from the George Washington Highway. A man exited the vehicle and saw Sean pulling up in uniform behind the wheel of his jeep wrangler. The man, later identified as Christopher White, opened fire on Sean, but with no ordinary gun. White was brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle. White sprayed Sean and his jeep with 30 to 40 bullets. The other two men fled on foot and would be caught later. Covered in glass from his windshield Sean returned fire from the driver’s seat of his jeep. His assailant would ultimately die at the scene. In the assault Sean was hit five times; a graze to the left side of his head; one to the right bicep; one to the right forearm, and two to his abdomen. The two shots to his abdomen had penetrated his Kevlar vest and he was flown to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital by the Nightingale helicopter. Tione Vincent was found dead within the van. At Norfolk General Hospital Sean underwent emergency surgery to repair his small intestine. Sean has since been released from the hospital and been at home resting and progressively getting better. As a result of the extensive amount of bullets the jeep took it has been declared totaled. The Brothers of the Epsilon Beta chapter are collecting funds to assist Sean with getting a new vehicle. If you wish to contribute send a check to Kappa Delta Rho with Sean Fleming Car Fund in your memo/note line to the address below. Brother Fleming demonstrated that day what it truly is meant to live one’s life by our open motto Honor Super Omnia. He selflessly and heroically came rushing to the aid of his fellow officers’ and placed his own life in danger to what ended in a deadly shoot out. He is a Brother that is an inspiration to us all. His deeds are the personification of our Credo… -Their reward has been the Inspiration of their Youth; the Driving Power of their Manhood; the Memories of their Maturity. They have fought the good Fight and of these, my sons, I am justly proud. Who am I? My name is FRATERNITY. And because I have given Man that which he craved, I shall endure. My sons shall neither falter nor fail. They shall add new luster to my name.- If you are able to assist in helping Brother Fleming in replacing his vehicle send donations to the following address Epsilon Beta Chapter, Kappa Delta Rho, Office of Student Activities and Leadership, Old Dominion University, 2122 Webb Center, Norfolk, VA 23529. Make sure you note in the memo line Sean Fleming Jeep Fund.