This page allows chapters to process chapter management fees, individual member fees, and register new members for their chapter.


New Member Registration and Payment

When a chapter has new members that are seeking active membership into the fraternity, the chapter must complete the following steps to ensure the National Office has the correct chapter roster information.

  1. Step 1: New Member Registration
    Upon completion or within 24 hours of the new member Pinning Ceremony, the Junior Tribune must ensure new members complete this form to inform the National Office that they are now new members of Kappa Delta Rho and provide their contact information. New members MUST complete this registration individually as this is where they electronically sign their financial agreement with the National Fraternity.  Registering New Members »
  2. Step 2: New Membership Payments
    Once the New Membership Registration process is completed above, each new member must also complete this step to process their payment to the National Fraternity.  You will be asked to enter in your personal information for our records.  You will also be able to pay your new member fee and initiation fee. New Member Payment »
  3. Step 3: Membership Status Change
    Members will change status as they grow through their membership with Kappa Delta Rho.  Starting as a new member, going to an initiated member and then an alumnus.  There will be times that a member will de-pledge.  This status change must be registered as well, regardless if the member is a new member, initiated member, or alumnus. If a member of your chapter has changed status, please go to the Membership Status Change Form »


Annual Chapter Membership Fee

To remain an active member of Kappa Delta Rho, all active members must pay the chapter membership fee. This is the annual membership fee and a risk management fee. Pay Now Online »


Chapter Management Fee

The Chapter Management Fee, formerly called the Chapter Assessment Fee, covers the cost of all services for the chapters included but not limited to costs to the operation of the national office and staff; chapter advising, visits and training; planning and facilitation of the Consuls Academy and the Elmon M Williams Leadership Academy. The management fee of $325 must be paid on an semesterly basis is due on October 1 and February 1. Pay Now Online »


Past Due & Partial Payments

You must contact the office directly via phone during normal business hours before paying past due & partial payments. Pay Now Online »

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