Chapter Awards

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Dr. Harold Osborn Award for Intramural Sports
Doctor Harold Osborn was a 1922 graduate of the Eta Chapter at the University of Illinois and won the Gold Medal in the Decathlon and High Jump at the 1924 Olympics.  He is still the only man to win both events.  Because of his athletic accomplishments the fraternity has named the outstanding intramural sports award in his memory.

Donald C. Wolfe Award for Outstanding Chapter Newsletter
Kappa Delta Rho’s outstanding newsletter award is given in recognition of Donald C. Wolfe.  Brother Wolfe graduated from Rho Chapter at Lafayette College and later served the fraternity as National Executive Secretary from 1952 to 1959.


Gino A. Ratti Award for Outstanding Alumni Relations
As one of the ten founding fathers of Kappa Delta Rho, Gino Ratti designed our Coat of Arms and was known for his strong beliefs in fraternal ideals.  Our alumni relations award is named after this brother and is presented to acknowledge those chapters who have displayed exemplary relations with their alumni.

George E. Shaw Award for Public Relations
As the first pledge of Kappa Delta Rho at Middlebury College, George E. Shaw became known as “Mr. KDR”.  Brother Shaw wrote and edited the 1955 History of Kappa Delta Rho and the internationally acclaimed Credo.  We remember Brother Shaw with the Public Relations Award.

John V. Dempsey Award for Best Chapter Website
A 1990 graduate of our Upsilon Alpha Chapter at Parks College/Saint Louis University, Brother Dempsey has volunteered his valuable time and wisdom as the Webmaster of the National Fraternity since 1996.  This award honors the dedication put forth by brother Dempsey.

John L. Blakely Award for Philanthropic Projects
Brother John L. Blakely, a member of our Eta Chapter at the University of Illinois, is honored and remembered with the award for outstanding philanthropic contribution.  Brother Blakely served as Kappa Delta Rho’s National President from 1946 to 1950.

This award is given in two categories-small chapters of under 25 brothers, and large chapters of over 25 brothers.


George Kimball Award for Outstanding Social Service
As a founder of Kappa Delta Rho, George E. Kimball presided over the Commons Club at Middlebury College.  Under his leadership and dedication, some of the members of this club eventually developed into what is today a bond of over 24,000 initiates.  His dedication to the community is remembered with the award for outstanding social service.

E. Mayer Maloney Award for Outstanding Faculty Relations
A graduate of our Nu Chapter at Indiana University, Brother Maloney served as the National Executive Secretary from 1940 to 1944 and again from 1968 to 1980.  His tenure with Kappa Delta Rho is fondly remembered and forever associated with the Faculty Relations Award.

Leo T. Wolford Award for Outstanding Campus Involvement
As a graduate of the Epsilon Chapter at Franklin College, Leo T. Wolford was a dedicated and involved brother.  He served as the Fraternity Grand Consul from 1921 through 1924 and as National President from 1936 through 1941.  The Leo T. Wolford Award is presented to those chapters exhibiting outstanding campus involvement.

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