The National Fraternity is the collective personality of all members, chapters, alumni corporations and alumni associations coupled with our history. The Board of Directors, comprised of officials elected at even year National Conventions, hires the Executive Director who then employs a National Office staff to provide the services that the National Fraternity offers and ensure compliance with her policies.

The Executive Director is responsible for the hiring and leading the National Office staff as needed (the National Office has internship positions available for undergraduate and graduate students on a regular basis). He is responsible for the execution of the mission and vision of the National Fraternity and often serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors.

The Deputy Executive Director supervises the Educational Leadership Instructors (ELIs). In this capacity he/she coordinates visitations to chapters by him/her-self and the ELIs. The Director of Fraternal Operations is also responsible for coordinating most of the programs that the National Office provides for the KDR membership like the Elmon M. Williams Leadership Academy and National Convention. He/she is responsible for The Quill & Scroll, chapter update information, and educational programming provided by the ELIs and volunteers. His/her staff provides chapters with expertise in membership recruitment, risk management, new member education, chapter financial structure, and leadership development. He/she is directly responsible for evaluation and management of all chapters.

The Director of Office Operations is responsible for the routine business transactions of the National Fraternity. She or he oversees the daily financial accounting and office administration. The Director of Office Operations handles inquiries for the National Fraternity, manages chapter and alumni account information, and handles sales of merchandise or services by the National Office.

The Associate Director of Communication and Growth is primarily responsible for the growth of the Fraternity’s chapters, provisional chapters, and groups of intent. Internally, this position focuses on Dynamic Recruiting with chapters with a membership of 20 or less Brothers. Externally, the Director of Growth is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the staff in the development of new expansion sites or recolonizations. The Director of Growth also has substantial responsibility for collaboration and communication within other areas of the Fraternity’s operation including education, accountability, alumni engagement, communications, office operations, volunteer services, and technology.

The Financial Manager is responsible for maintaining financial information in the database, day-to-day financial operations of the Fraternity, and updating and keeping financial records for the organization. He/she serves on the Fraternity’s Finance Committee. The Financial Manager assists the Director of Office Operations in daily office tasks and maintenance of the Fraternity’s records.

The Associate Director of Health & Wellness is primarily responsible for developing and managing the Brothers’ Keeper Program which is intended to develop positive health and mental health behaviors and habits, and also to educate and encourage brothers to reach out for professional help for themselves or a friend when in distress.

The Office Assistant is a National representative of Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity. The Office Assistant effectively communicates, collaborates, and assists the Brothers of the National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho; chapters; alumni associations; the Board of Directors; and Foundation Trustees. The Office Assistant provides assistance with the office operations, database management, office communications and to personally assist the Director of Office Operations.

Besides the paid staff, there are many alumni volunteers who offer their services and expertise to the National Fraternity. There are numerous individuals that participate in a variety of internal governance & advisory committees. These volunteers serve a vitally important role in the National Fraternity. The National Office expresses its’ deepest gratitude toward its’ volunteers. Without their dedication and devotion, many of the services that the National Office coordinates for KDR and her members would not exist. THANK YOU!