The Purposes of The National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho, Inc.

Kappa Delta Rho stands as a monument to the dream of our ten founders in their quest for developing educated gentlemen who promote human dignity, positive relationships among men, and moral excellence of the highest ideals.
The Purposes of this Fraternity are to:

  • Promote good fellowship among its members and the advancement of truth, justice, and virtue as exemplified by our Latin motto: Honor Super Omnia.
  • Promote scholarship, remembering our young members are students first and fraternity members second, and to continue its partnership with educational and administrative authorities of the institution where its chapters are located.
  • Provide an environment as a means for students to learn how to apply the knowledge acquired from the classroom and their fraternity experience, and to encourage a cultural surrounding wherein its undergraduate members may enjoy a social life that will supplement their college activities, giving them the opportunity to think and act in a responsible and exemplary manner.
  • Continue enriching our heritage, and to maintain this tradition we must ensure that we provide the means to uphold the values and standards on which we were founded.
  • Provide the necessary tools and proper values in preparation for the future and to support and foster leadership capabilities in our young members, thus enabling them to excel in career development and social involvement through their life.
  • Promote the dignity of social involvement through service to the college, to the community, and to their fellow man during their college careers in lieu of "Hazing" activities which are both degrading to the human body and the human mind, and which are strictly prohibited.
  • Develop proper programs to serve our alumni and to encourage their active and financial involvement in all ways possible since their vows of membership meant "KAPPA DELTA RHO IS FOR LIFE."