As the history of The National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho, Inc., grows, we recognize alumni for notable achievements. Until 1982, there was not a formal way to recognize these alumni. Word of outstanding alumni achievements took the form of an occasional biography in The Quill and Scroll, or a personal appearance at a National Convention. KDR, with the encouragement of Donald L. Stohl, Zeta ‘54, corrected this lack of formal recognition by founding the Ordo Honoris. The general idea of the National Board of Directors was to establish a Hall of Fame for distinguished alumni.

In 1980, shortly after becoming Executive Director, Donald L. Stohl wanted the Fraternity to recognize formally the impressive achievements of alumni members. Brother Stohl also saw the opportunity for these outstanding achievements to serve as an inspiration for current and future members. Ordo Honoris recipients have indicated that KDR made an early and lasting impression, which helped them in their personal and professional development. An important factor, however, was the term Hall of Fame, which conveyed the general idea of what the National Board of Directors wanted to accomplish. The term, dull and overused, was less desirable, however. Instead, the Board sought to find a meaningful term to recognize outstanding alumni.

The obvious path was to follow the tradition of the KDR Ritual and Ceremonies derived from the model of the ancient Roman Republic. From the suggestion of a Benedictine monk at the Archabbey of St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the National Board of Directors decided on the distinction of Ordo Honoris (Order of Honor), the honor given to Roman citizens for their contributions to state and community.

On August 14, 1982, the first class of inductees received the official citation:
“Frater, te Salutamus – Brother, we salute you. Being persuaded of your honor, fidelity, and concern for your fellow man, we have caused these letters to be issued . . .”

The first class of inductees, designated the Alpha Class, included eighty-one members and recognized notable achievements during the first seventy-five years of KDR’s history. Each year the Fraternity recognizes a new class of select inductees, designated by consecutive letters of the Greek alphabet.

Selection for membership in Ordo Honoris rests in the hands of one’s peers. Each year individual chapter and alumni organizations submit nominations for induction into Ordo Honoris. After the chapter and alumni organizations submit nominations, each nominee receives a letter notifying him of his nomination. The nominee submits a letter of acceptance of the nomination along with a complete biography. The Ordo Honoris Selection Committee, consisting of current Ordo Honoris members, receives the names of the nominees and their biographies to review, and makes the final selections. Alumni selected for induction receive their recognition medal and plaque at the Ordo Honoris Dinner at the annual Williams Leadership Academy and National Convention. Their biographies appear in the following issue of the Quill and Scroll. Not all alumni nominated each year receive induction into Ordo Honoris. Chapter alumni organizations, however, may re-nominate them in subsequent years. The selection criteria include achievements in career, community and the Fraternity.
Nominations for Ordo Honoris are made in one of three categories.

1. Personal or professional accomplishments (including community involvement).
2. National recognition (such as business, education, entertainment, sports and politics).
3. Outstanding national or chapter Fraternity involvement.

With great pride, we present our distinguished alumni, whose achievements serve as an inspiration for all our active members.

All Ordo Honoris recipients are listed in their respective Chapters.