The Kappa Delta Rho National Office Headquarters staff recognizes the unprecedented position of our chapters at higher education institutions who have suspended in-person classes and many on-campus events due to the COVID-19 breakout. For many this may mean uncertainty in how to meet as a chapter, what events are allowed, and how to keep members motivated during this time. The work of the fraternity is never done and so there is still a lot that can be accomplished with education, planning, and training. It is important we remain flexible and proactive during this time.

The suggestions listed below outline just some of the operational tasks and alternative activities that can be completed by the chapter during this time. Many are agenda items that should be completed even if the chapter were meeting as normal. Please note this is not a complete list and we will continue to update it as more ideas and information is shared with us from our host institutions and interfraternal partners.

For chapters who have already received an in-person visit from a National Headquarters staff member, we will continue to hold our monthly coaching calls. For those who were schedule to have a campus visit from a staff member, we will be conducting those virtually. Your staff contact will be reaching out to you to set up the virtual meetings. We recommend using platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts to conduct your chapter meetings or workshops. The National Office has an account with Zoom available for your use.

We want to make ourselves available and demonstrate the benefits of these technologies we are suggesting. Please contact Associate Director of Health & Wellness, Shelby Shafer, or Associate Director of Growth, Perry Stafford, if you need further support on utilizing these virtual platforms to conduct chapter meetings, new member education, or all other types of virtual meetings.

If you are unsure of what to do, please do not hesitate to contact the National Office for guidance.

Operational Tasks and Planning

  • Continue to meet weekly via virtual methods
    • Chapter Meetings and Executive Board Meeting. This presents an opportunity to invite alumni and advisors who may not have been able to attend in person.
    • The Executive Board can meet with individual officers and committee chairs virtually to plan and discuss what can be done during this time, as well as plan for the future.
    • Recommended Services: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts
  • Facilitate workshops that you had previously had plan virtually
    • Most staff from our host institutions will be willing to do this for you.
    • Our staff will be willing to host workshops on Mental Health and other topics. This will provide an opportunity for the chapter to come together in a virtual environment.
  • Create a shared Summer Calendar and shared Fall Calendar
    • These calendars can include: meeting dates, academic calendar dates, institution sporting events, Homecoming, alumni events, founding dates for other organizations
  • Have the Scholarship Chair reach out to all members to keep them engaged during the suspension of in-person classes.
    • Set up virtual study sessions or roundtables
  • Schedule Social Media Posts and update various platforms that may be outdated
    • Create or update chapter website
    • Recommended Services: Postify
  • Update Governing Documents
  • Update Officer/Position/Committee Descriptions


  • Organize Summer/Fall Recruitment
    • Update Chapter Builder on who has been contacted and who needs to be contacted
    • Create a names list of potential members
      • The Junior Tribune should work with new members to update Chapter Builder with friends and acquaintances that could be potential new members.
    • Contact university offices to see what fall events your chapter can volunteer with that may help generate more names
      • The chapter should work with university officials to have members participate in New Student Orientation, Summer org fairs, campus move in etc. To build new relationships at the beginning of the Fall semester
  • Fall Recruitment Planning
    • Determine how chapter will communicate with PNMs at this time and over the summer
      • Have potential new members added to social media groups like Facebook, Slack, GroupMe, etc. to begin building relationships over the course of semester
    • Create fall marketing materials for recruitment
    • Determine what events the chapter needs and wants to plan plan/what events the institution has planned
      • Work with the Greek life office to build recruitment schedule in accordance to the IFC Fall recruitment schedule
    • Create and schedule social media graphics to promote the chapter now
      • Recommended Services: Canva, Postify, HootSuite
  • Reach out to Associate Director of Growth (ADG) Perry Stafford, to create a recruitment plan that utilizes both dynamic and values based recruitment
    • The recruitment plan should be SMART goal placed and work in accordance with the growth incentive program goals given by ADG Perry Stafford

New Member Education/The Legion

  • The Junior Tribune should hold virtual meetings with new member class
  • The Legion can be completed on pace per usual
  • Invite alumni members into virtual meetings to discuss the impact of the chapter within their life
  • Invite alumni into virtual meeting to discuss the topic of the Legion that week
  • Junior Tribune should schedule virtual meetings with each new member to keep them engaged with the chapter
  • Junior Tribune should schedule workshops for their new members on the topics that are covered within the Legion.

Financial Planning

  • If you are contractually obligated for an upcoming event, review the terms of the contract and contact the vendor with any questions. If you are having issues or need to discuss this do not hesitate to contact Executive Director Joe Rosenberg at 412-953-6482.
  • Have the Quaestor reach out to all members to make sure they are paying their bill on LegFi
    • The chapter must still pay all outstanding debts and balances to the National Headquarters, vendors, and itself. The chapter will want the funds to continue hosting activities once classes and events resume.
    • Reminders can be sent via LegFi but phone calls/texts should be sent to individuals who may still owe. A GroupMe message to everyone is not always effective.

Alumni Connections

  • Develop newsletter to be shared with alumni via email
    • National Headquarters staff can help develop a template if needed. The staff also can assist in its distribution.
    • Recommended Services: Canva, MailChimp
  • Reach out to alumni via phone to reconnect about chapter
    • Develop 2-4 talking points on what the chapter has accomplished
    • Ask to Collect contact information and update them on the chapter
  • Assign members to collect chapter history and stories from alumni
    • Develop 2-4 questions that can be shared with alumni ideally via phone or survey to document the history of the chapter


In place of in person philanthropy events or fundraising events there are many different online events that can be used.

  • Instagram Bingo Boards
  • Virtual Trivia Contests
  • Virtual 5k events
  • March Madness Pool
  • Online Gaming Events
  • T-Shirt sales fundraiser
    • Recommended: Bonfire, Kahoot, Rebelle Events/College Trivia Nerds

Preparing for the fall Semester