From 1920-1930, KDR expanded in a conservative and deliberate manner. Under the leadership of Dr. Ewart, Arthur “Scotty” Ottman of Middlebury College, and Leo T. Wolford of Franklin College, 14 chapters emerged. Chapters were established at Pennsylvania State University, the University of Illinois, Purdue University, Bucknell University, Ohio State University, the University of California (Berkeley), the University of Michigan, Indiana University, Colby College, Butler University, Gettysburg College, Lafayette College, Oregon State University, and Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University). By 1930, KDR had 19 chapters in 10 states, and Reginald M. Savage, Alpha ’24, became the first full-time paid National Executive Secretary. For local groups who moved to Chapter status in KDR, that meant security. Instead of self-sufficiency, a larger support group now existed.