The following is a list of scholarships available to members of Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity. Each year more than $75,000 is awarded in academic support to qualified members of the Fraternity. The minimum scholarship award is $500. While the list below may seem confusing there is a single application for all scholarships (except for the New Member, UIFI, and Futures Quest Scholarships which are applied for separately). Please follow this link to begin the application process for any of them.

If you are interested in making a donation to support one of our scholarship funds, please click here

General Scholarships

  • O.D. Roberts Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert D. Lynd Scholarship
  • Past Recipients Scholarship
  • E. Mayer Maloney Memorial Scholarship
  • Horace E. Shackelton Memorial Scholarship
  • Wally T. Miller Memorial Scholarship
  • Pi Alumni Scholarship
  • General Graduate Scholarship
  • New Member Scholarship

Chapter-Specific Scholarships

  • Beta Chapter Scholarship
  • Stephen D. Hansen Memorial Scholarship (Beta Chapter)
  • Delta Chapter Scholarship
  • Zeta Chapter Scholarship
  • Kramer Scholarship (Zeta Chapter)
  • Eta Chapter Scholarships
  • Thomas Burns Memorial Scholarship (Eta Chapter)
  • Veterans Scholarship (Theta Chapter)
  • John C. Carl Scholarship (Theta Chapter)
  • Theta Chapter Scholarship
  • William C. Hogan Memorial Scholarship (Theta Chapter)
  • Iota Chapter Scholarships
  • Lambda Chapter Scholarship
  • Nu Chapter Scholarship
  • Rho Chapter Scholarships
  • Rho Alumni Scholarships
  • Nu Alpha Chapter Scholarship
  • James F. Edgeworth Scholarship (Pi Alpha Chapter)
  • John C. Carl Scholarship (Upsilon Alpha Chapter)
  • Briggs Scholarship (Phi Alpha Chapter)
  • Lee H. Idleman Memorial Scholarship (Iota Chapter)
  • Lambda Beta Chapter Scholarship
  • Robert D. Corrie Scholarship (Phi Beta & Beta Gamma Chapters)

Scholarships Restricted by Area of Study

  • Commerford B. Martin Engineering Scholarship
  • Michael A. McCarthy Architectural Scholarship
  • Gordon Johnson Law Scholarship
  • Elmon M. Williams M.B.A. Scholarship

Program Scholarships